The quality of the end product depends of the quality of the uploaded image. We recommend to upload images with 300 DPI for achieve maximal printing quality. Tullun Print uses pre-made phone cases from proven distributors, the cases don't have stacks or flaws.

Due to the specific custom nature of the product, it may be returned only in case of production faults - like cracks on the case or bad printing quality. Please consider that some of the faults may appear during the shipping of the product. All of the returns will be solved on case by case basis.

The delivery of the products is seamless and fast. We provide fulfilment services - you order and we deliver to your end clients. All of the orders are fulfilled and delivered within 1-20 business days depending on the region and shipping metdod you selected. Packaging is white labeled - no logos or information about Tullun print.

Printing quality

Tullun print uses only high-quality materials and equipment for phone cover printing. Providing highest standard printed image quality for every product as well as making scratch resistant and durable phone cases.

Check out our plastic phone cases

Plastic phone case provides hard and scratch resistant protection. Every plastic case is fit for the device and the quality crystal clear plastic creates a perfect surface for highest quality prints.

Check out our rubber phone cases

Rubber phone case is a great way to both protect your phone from all sides in addition to using a unique design to create a unique style and feeling for your device.

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