RUBBER vs. PLASTIC: What to choose?

2018-02-21 09:38:31

Phone cases are unique not only by design alone. There are different types of cases and materials that are used for the manufacture. So, the logical question would be – “What type of phone case should I choose?”. We will try to explain the difference between these phones cases and what are PROS and CONS.

Rubber Phone Case

A more softer shell, that fits nicely on your phone. The cover is more flexible and covers all the phones ports even on the top and bottom. The rubber cover acts as a shock absorber, so in case your phone will fall it will protect it not only from scratches, but also from internal shock. In addition, rubber case is not slippery and will give a steady grip, so your phone will not slip out of your hand.


  •        Shock absorbing
  •        Great grip
  •        Fits your phone perfectly and covers ports from liquid spill (not water resistant)


  •        Some of the covers loosen their fit if changed often and may feel wobbly
  •        Covers the phone design (even transparent ones will blur everything)
  •        Increases the overall bulk of the device

Plastic Phone Case

A hard-shell case that you need to “click” on your phone. The case is hard and durable and acts as a protection shell. Sadly, it doesn’t fit so nicely the phone and doesn’t cover all of the ports on the phone. Yet the design print on plastic covers are flawless.


  •        The best phones case to print the designs on (the image looks perfect)
  •        Very thin and doesn’t make the phone look bulky
  •        Completely clear cases are available


  •        Mainly protect from the surface damage and no shock absorption
  •        After heavy use may be covered with scratches and cracks
  •        Less protected from liquid spills

Have you decided on the type of case that you would like to have? Tullun prints both rubber and plastic cases, incase you were wondering. You may order your custom phone design prints and create a unique cover for your phone. Order plastic or rubber cases, or even both to see the difference yourself and choose the one that suits your phone the best.