12 Creative phone case design ideas

2018-02-20 14:11:00

Searching for ideas and inspirations for your designs always has been a challenge. But we will tell you a secret - you are able to find the inspiration for your phone case designs anywhere. We will show you 12 inspirational and creative phone case design ideas that will grab the attention and look stunning on the device. You are welcome to mix and match these ideas to create even more fresh phone case ideas!

1. Using script fonts

Have you heard that script-handwritten fonts are the new trend? These creative fonts may show the fancy side and rock a great quote or inspirational phrase, or even something funny. Use bright colors for the texts to make it stand out even.

2. Gradient is the new black

Have you seen the new Instagram logo or Visa or Firefox? Using two simple colors for your phone case is boring, making a gradient from these colors makes in every bit unique. The whole design changes even if you shift the color gradient a little bit. There are infinite phone design possibilities with this idea.

3. Thin borders and text

Want to make a phone cover for a businessman? Maybe a present for a person that is always too serious? Use one word and a thin border, or ad some laurel leaves - it always has worked for Cannes Festival and hipster logos. It never looks vapid and always stylish.

4. Floral backgrounds

The natural theme is always trendy and beautiful. Using natural flowers with very mild colors makes the phone design standout. If you are using transparent phone cover from Tullun, you may use transparency to add some design touches to your cover and keep your stylish phone color visible. This is perfect for iPhone users.

5. Geometric shapes

Flat lines and solid colors were always the staples of design. Create an intricate pattern from simple lines, vary the thickness and patterns, add variety of shapes and figures. The design may look simple as an idea, but the result is always sophisticated.

6. Retro future

Nowadays retro is loved more than ever. With new series and movies like Blade Runner and Stranger things - everyone wants to be a part of the trend. Create simple yet beautiful future like designs using digital grids, mixed with neon and gradient colors. They look stunning every time.

7. Comixology

Comics are not for nerds anymore. With Marvel and DC being part of mainstream media, everyone would like to have Iron Man, Superman, Spider-Man or any other hero on their phone cover. You can even create a whole set of Avenger covers and change it every day.

8. Simple patterns

Repetition is key - create a small element that will look great if repeated. Tile the phone cover design, or even add multiple elements to mix and match. These designs are timeless, and you even can find old-school patterns to use – have you heard or Burberry coats?

9. Marble swirls

The intricate swirls and natural feeling of marble is enchanting. Simple picture on the phone cover will make it very beautiful and create a feeling of glossy stone on the rubber phone case. And the style of these covers is mesmerizing.

10. Cute, cute, cute!

Cute animals, cute plants, anything cute will work. Pile it up on the phone cover design, or center the character, or tile the different characters. The cuteness attracts eyes, so it is the easiest way to attract eyes to your phone covers.

11. Abstract shapes and real photos

Combining ideas may bring a lot of fresh creativity. Using photo in addition to simple shapes with solid colors – transforms the design from a stock photo into an art piece. Play with it yourself – the result will stun you.

12. Kaleidoscopes and mandalas

Mandalas and kaleidoscopes may look simple, yet complicated in the same time. These designs have taken the internet by the storm last year and are as trendy as ever. You can make them simple – with only one color, or vary it a bit and try our filling them with different colors. Every colored mandala will not only make you a great phone cover design and will help you meditate while doing it.

So here are 12 fresh ideas for phone cover designs. Have you tried them out already? Maybe you want to order some for yourself? Register in Tullun Print online service and order your custom prints or choose from a gallery of trendy designs that are prepared for you.